Bookstacks Isle

Jacqueline Hansen

Logan joined me to find out what the Bookstacks Isle was all about. The Bookstacks Isle is an educational based community that people who enjoy books and reading would want to visit. If you become part of this group you can participate in readings and sign up for a book club. The community includes an activities board that keeps your avatar update on offered activities. Examples of some activities offered include, poetry readings, meeting authors or attending a musical concert. One may simple enjoy just finding exploring for a nice spot to read alone. Whether you are looking for other avatars to discuss literature or a quiet place to read by yourself, this site can meet both of those needs. The cozy atmosphere mixed with a nice set of tunes is enough to make at least a onetime visit worth your time.

Jessica Tapley and Kassi Hawkins

After researching the Bookstacks ISLE site with Kassi, we discovered that this site was a great source for avid readers to connect with others that shared the same passion for books and stories. This virtual world was founded by a man by the name of Simon Beresford in the spring of 2007. Besides promoting the love of books between members in the virtual world, this site also supports the love of art, displaying new pieces of art in the pub area every two weeks and holding a spot for plays. While searching around the site, we found the webpage providing more information for readers regarding book discussions, book trivia and musical events.

During our exploration, outside, we wondered past the waterfall to a carousel where we discovered spinning advertisements with books from popular websites, for example, As an avatar travels in this area, the individual can click on a previewed book sending the explorer to a website with a sneak preview of the first chapters of the advertised novel.

We followed our interest past the waterfall to a pink and purple carousel. Spinning advertisements are the eye-catcher in this area with books from websites such ass and Clicking on each book takes anyone to the website with a sneak peak into the first chapters of the advertized novel. You can also grab a cup of coffee in the nearby Midnight Moon Café. Next door was a nearby stone enclosed space where there were other avatars dancing and chatting. This site is clearly for those who love the arts and literature. The feeling is very whimsical.

Buildings in this location are set up with full views of the ocean and more information related to an infinite amount of novels. Others have no books or information and are strictly for relaxation purposes, or so it seems. This is truly my paradise! I even found a building you can rent.