Crab Island

HP Surf Point

The moment we arrived in HP Surf Point on Crab Island, we were met with an array of reggae music that immediately puts someone in a surfing, beach mood. All of the writing on Surf Point was in Spanish, and this particular place in Second Life had the most people we have seen than on any other place we've visited. The people that we did encounter were very friendly, however, we were scared and we ran away. A few of the other avatars tried having a conversation with us, but unfortunately we do not know the Spanish language! One of the first things we came across was a resemblance of a surf shop where you could purchase a surf board. The surf boards ran for about $700. The entire place was decorated in a Christmas theme. As Ashley and I were walking around, we found at the edge of the beach a place where you could rent jet ski's and ride in the ocean. This was the best part of the island.

HP Surf Point on Crab Island had a large collection of surf boards. There was even a machine that created surf boards starting from scratch. Once the board was made you could design your very own art, however, it cost money. We also found jet skis scattered across the island. We really wanted to ride them, but all we could figure out was how to sit on them. What was interesting was we never saw anyone surfing on HP Surf Point Island. They must have been afraid of the Second Life sharks. We thought this island was engaging and filled with many opportunities to explore.


Ashley and I sitting on a jetski