International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

Jacqueline Hansen

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) site Our visit was focused on learning some basics of what the site has to offer. During our exploration we were able to have communication with a Docent by the name of Komputer Merlin. He serves an hour a week and helps educators learn about ISTE. This is a space in Second Life for educators to collaborate, network and learn about real life educational opportunities. This site provides many virtual learning events that allow educators access to the current topics in education and technology. Presentations are provided by speakers from all over the world, and you can contribute from home.


Jessica Tapley and Kassi Hawkins

While venturing through the International Society Technology in Education (ISTE) site, with Kassi’s avatar, we entered the site looking for the objective of the site and some of the benefits it had to offer to other avatars like ours. There are several aspects that we stumbled upon, that may have been previously mentioned as well as some that were not. The ISTE Second Life (SL), site is a networking organization in the virtual world community which serves as a bottom agent working to affect change in the field of educational technology. This island works to sponsor presentations and other educational activities, while also sharing resources among members.

In front of the Events board

During our visit on the site we found an area known as the “Resource Room”. Inside this room we explored an additional website called mixoom – This site was interesting because it discussed how one would build their own business on SL and how that individual would monitor who visited the store. I found this interesting because it may help educate a teacher one day on how to manage a site in which he or she tries to encourage her students to visit. Venturing further through ISTE’s campus there were two huts specifically and individually dedicated to podcasting and blogging. Not only do these places give visitors information on ISTE’s blog and podcasts, but also general advice related to the technologies. This is not only especially helpful for anyone who has not yet tried to use or make podcasts/blogs, but also for the seasoned technology guru. There is yet another hut which explains Emerging Technologies.

The Educator’s Coffee House, a beautifully decorated green-roofed building, is a place where anyone can come to just relax or have a conversation. The many lounge chairs invite everyone by reading “relax” where one can actually click to have their avatar visibly relax in any seat. Travel next door to an under water location! Find in the under water street Second Life Education Resources and Freebie Shop. Lastly, one can find another exquisite building with information for and TCEA (Texas Communication Education Association). Both organizations can be explored thoroughly through clicking on various poster boards.
The ISTE’s campus also offered two locations that were specifically dedicated to blogging and podcasting. The sites provided visitors such as Kassi and me information regarding ISTE’s blog and podcast. These huts were helpful and would be a resource for anyone who has not yet used a podcast and would be interested in trying one.

Jeannette Wahlen

My group visited this site for our photo and a quick look around...I returned later, to explore in more depth. At this second visit, I noticed that I was dropped in at the docent's desk so that I could get help if needed. As I moved around, I noticed that ISTE seems to be set up to teach new comers to SecondLife how to become more adept at using our avatars, moving to new locations, joinging educational and social groups, and more...I also appreaciated the wall with the schedule of events that I could attend. I was tempted to stop in and learn how to make my avatar look more professional, however I needed to be off and see what else this site offered. I would like to return and learn how to "do" SecondLife better!

More On ISTE

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is an organization that promotes and teaches about the uses of technology to educators. While visiting the ISTE island my group came across a teleporter which instantly teleports avatars to other areas of the island. Some of the places we visited were the podcaster/blogger area and the emerging tech idea library. The podcaster area is a place where educators or others can go to get tips and other information on how to improve blogging and podcasting techniques. This of course is valuable since using these types of technology are becoming mainstream at some levels of education such as higher learning institutions. The tech idea library on ISTE Island also is a place to acquire educational information. For example one content area that the library educates on is the contributions of technologies to student learning. Not only is this information presented but the library also offers diagrams and illustrations that help educators identify areas in which technology has improved student learning.