Rumsey Maps

Rumsey Maps is a collection of digitized maps that consists mainly of maps that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. David Rumsey, the creator of Rumsey Maps in Second Life, works with Cartography Associates of which he is President. He is constantly creating digital map projects for virtual worlds such as Second Life.
Avatars that transport to the Rumsey Maps Island are welcomed into a world of globes and maps that begin from as early as the 18th century. There is a "map walk" in which people can walk along and view maps of the world. There are many different maps to choose from. When you find a map you would like to further explore you can touch the map and the map will open in another window. In this window you may explore the details of the map up close. Information on the map and its contents is offered along the side of the window. There is also the opportunity to buy a copy of the map.The ability to purchase a copy of the item is a nice choice for an educator that finds a digital map that works well for their curriculum.

N. Fanning, V.Bass, L.Sanchez

On the island your Avatar can fly through or hang out in globes, and move up and down through layers of maps. Rumsey Maps offers you the chance to view maps that are extremely rare and would be difficult to track down and view. David Rumsey has graciously helped to digitize the items in his collection and make them available to the public.
N. Fanning, V. Bass, L. Sanchez

Rumsey Maps is very user friendly. The Island is easy to manuver through, and the maps are simple to access for further exploration.I would like to give a big thanks to the Rumsey Maps creator, David Rumsey, for creating and offering such a wonderful resource.