The Globe Theater


The Globe Theater site is home to the most realistic recreation of the Globe Theater on the Internet. It not only shows the famous stage, but surrounding areas. Here we are sitting on the Globe Theater stage where acting groups perform live Shakespearean shows using their avatars as actors. Theater students can explore the globe in a new and exciting way through SL. The avatars as Shakespearean characters bring to life old characters giving them a new flair in which students can connect. Stephanie Greco

As our group arrived at the Globe Theatre, we quickly decided to take our photo on the stage of the theatre. As I attempted to get onto the stage, I ended up under the stage. I got distracted with all the blocks and pillars which I imaged were part of the mechanical prop movers under the stage. Eventually I was able to reunite with my fellow classmates and pose for the photo above. As you can see, I have yet to learn how to quickly move my head (or perhaps I'm just shy?). It was interesting to note that the play, Twelfth Night would be playing the next night! I noticed that the Globe's Bookstore had many different items to interact with - all for a price. I was disappointed that everything I was interested in interacting with cost money. I decided to explore around a bit more and somehow ended up at the base of the Trojan Horse. I was fascinated to climb into the horses head - it was very cramped. I recommend that you visit the Globe Theatre if you haven't been there! Jeannette Wahlen

Being on the stage of the Second Life Globe Theater makes me wonder what a performance must be like. I know that avatars can use voice technology to actually speak but how in the world would anyone ever be able to speak the lines AND control their avatar. Talking and walking may be doable but invoking all sorts of gestures, postures and potentially facial expressions must really be a thing to behold. I am not a fanatic theater fan but I will put it on my bucket list to watch a performance on this wonderfully built stage. The sim is full of period work including buildings, furniture, textures and people is costume and, as always, after leaving this historic theater I really have a feeling of having been there and actually walking around. I feel the scale and the sense the reference one would have gotten either as an audience member or an actor. Jim Aird