World War I Digital Poetry Archive

Jessica Tapley and Kassi Hawkins


What a desolate, creepy world! The First World War Poetry Digital Archive site has a flashing pond filled with skeletons and scattered pieces of paper – apparently poetry lost and forgotten. Wandering through this wasteland a person is immediately taken to one of two places visible on the horizon: a land-length wall representing more vacant land and a standing patch barbed wire. As our avatars traveled across this foresaken historical land, we came across many educational opportunities.
The speaker boxes spread sporadically around with captions above them caught our eye. The boxes seemed to be connected with the artifacts surrounding them and some were set up with pictures that would match the information being presented out of the speakers on the box. It was unfortunate that the sound for this site was not coordinating with the site, making the listener unable to hear the information. (Did you check your preference settings for your SL Viewer? If you did not have sound turned on, you would not hear anything.) Using the technology of Pronto I was able to communicate with Kassi, as we ventured through the site, allowing her to communicate what was being discussed on some of the boxes. An area that I was intrigued with during our exploration was located along side two tanks. Near the tanks were speaker boxes, labeled individually based on their content. One of the boxes discussed the effects of ground conditions on the tank’s mobility during the war, while the other box, discussed conditions for crews inside one of the tanks.