Second Life Investigation (10 pts.)
We are applying two different skill sets to this assignment. The tasks should be engaging, collaborative, and you will each be able to offer your personal reflections.
You are going to visit three different Second Life (SL) sites in groups of two or more. You will document your visits by taking pictures, learning as much about each site as you can, and hopefully talking to the people who run them or spend time there. You will then use your documentation and collected experiences to contribute to our Second Life Class Wiki.

Should you need practice with basic SL skills or a place to meet with your group to begin your SL investigations, here is the slurl for the Chico State site. Open Second Life and log in. Then when you click on a slurl, a page in your browser will open. You will be able to teleport to the location in SL from the link in the browser window.

All the links listed below are SLurls. Make sure you have opened SL and logged in. Then click on the SLurl to get a teleport link to the site in SL. Also, all the SLurls and the SL assignment have been sent to each of you within SL on a notecard. Look on the lower right of your SL viewer for your mail. Once you accept the notecard, it will be saved in your SL inventory under landmarks (the icon that looks like a suitcase). You can open it and travel around. Close it and it will go back into your inventory for another day, unless you delete it.

1. Visit the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) OR EdTech Island (Boise State Univ.). There are several areas to explore on both sites.
EdTech Island

2. Choose one site from this group to visit. All three are very educational and well designed.
First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Murrow Center 3D Newsroom
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Globe Theater (a working theater) - Twelfth Night, Act 3 11/16 @ 6 PM

3. Choose one form this group OR search and find one with your group that is appropriate for educational sharing.
David Rumsey Maps
Frank Lloyd Wright Museum
HP Surf Point
Bookstacks Isle

For each of the sites you visit, your group will:
1. Take at least two photos of your avatar and the others in your group in each selected location. Each of you should take photos so you will have some to choose from for sharing. Save them for posting on the appropriate page in an appropriate place in our class SL wiki. Think about the composition of your photo and think about the content in the wiki. Try to align photos with content.

2. As a group using wiki edit features describe what you and your group did at the location and what your discovered. Post your findings for each location on the appropriate SL page in our class SL wiki. (If you investigated a site not on the assignment list, you will need to add a page for it to the wiki.)

I suggest organizing your pages to look something like a WikiPedia page. That will keep this wiki organized, give us all a common format, and make it most useful to people who come to read it. Part of your grade will depend on the presentation of your investigation results. More than one group may be contributing information to a visited site so pay attention to contributions and collaborate.

3. Individually, using the reflection page in our SL class wiki, reflect on the entire experience and make at least two connections between the real world and virtual world for teaching and learning possibilities.

This assignment due midnight Sunday December 5.